• Rebolting Matsukisawa (松木沢)
    Rebolting Matsukisawa (松木沢)
    Two years ago, when I went ice climbing the Kurosawa (黒沢) gully in Matsukisawa (松木)沢 valley near Nikkō (日光), anchors were just so bad that I promised to myself to go back and rebuilt them. It’s done since yesterday. Gone for the day from Tōkyō to climb the ice falls in the gully, this time […]
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  • Jōgosawa (ジョウゴ沢)
    Jōgosawa (ジョウゴ沢)
    After Minamisawa Ōtaki (南沢大滝) last week-end, I went back to Yatsugatake (八ヶ岳) to train before a 3 days trip in the Souther Alps before new year. We decided to climb Daidōshin-Ōtaki (大同心大滝) on Saturday. As we left Minoto-guchi (美濃戸口) early on Saturday morning after spending the night there, we arrived early at Akadakekōsen (赤岳鉱泉) where […]
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  • Minamisawa Ōtaki (南沢大滝)
    Minamisawa Ōtaki (南沢大滝)
    Ice climbing season has started and for this second outing, I went for the first time to Minamisawa Ōtaki (南沢大滝). The ice fall is located in a gully at the base of Amidadake (阿弥陀岳) in the Yatsugatake (八ヶ岳) range. There are in fact two ice falls: Ōtaki, “the big waterfall” and Kotaki, “the small waterfall” […]
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