• Yoshigadaira by Ōhirashitsugen (大平湿原)
    Yoshigadaira by Ōhirashitsugen (大平湿原)
    Like every winter, I went to spend a week-end snowshoeing to Yoshigadaira lodge (芳ヶ平ヒュッテ) near Kusatsu-Shiranesan (草津白根山) volcano’s summit. This year, the security level of the volcano having been raised to 2 (read this article for more information), it was not possible to get close to the crater nor do the traverse between the lodge […]
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  • Inugoroshi-no-taki (犬殺しの滝)
    Inugoroshi-no-taki (犬殺しの滝)
    This week-end, we had planned to go ice climbing to Ōyafudō (大谷不動) near Sugadaira ski resort (菅平のスキー場) in Nagano (長野) prefecture, but as a snow storm was forecast, we decided to go in the Shimonita (下仁田) area to climb Inugoroshi-no-taki (犬殺しの滝) icefall, which unwelcoming name means “the dog killer fall”, at the base of Arafunayama […]
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  • Rebolting Matsukisawa (松木沢)
    Rebolting Matsukisawa (松木沢)
    Two years ago, when I went ice climbing the Kurosawa (黒沢) gully in Matsukisawa (松木)沢 valley near Nikkō (日光), anchors were just so bad that I promised to myself to go back and rebuilt them. It’s done since yesterday. Gone for the day from Tōkyō to climb the ice falls in the gully, this time […]
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