• Information about Nasudake (那須岳)
    Information about Nasudake (那須岳)
    If you are looking for an easy or family day hike from Tōkyō, Nasudake (那須岳) is a very good option. General information Nasudake is a group of complex volcanoes which erupted about 600 thousands years ago. Only Chausu-dake (茶臼岳) is still active and the highest summit is Sanbonyari-dake (三本槍岳) at 1916.9 meters (6289 ft). The […]
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  • Hiking from Sanbonyaridake (三本槍岳) to Chausudake (茶臼岳)
    Hiking from Sanbonyaridake (三本槍岳) to Chausudake (茶臼岳)
    In the middle of the rainy season, not able to go rock climbing, last week-end was the occasion to go hiking in a new area. Easily accessible as a day trip from Tōkyō by shinkansen, I decided to go to Nasudake (那須岳). I had been waiting for this opportunity to go and discover that active […]
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  • 3 weeks climbing in the US
    3 weeks climbing in the US
    I have been again quite silent on my blog recently. This time it was not because I was redesigning it but because of a 3 weeks trip to the US spend climbing in some of the world’s best climbing place like Indian Creek in Utah and Red Rocks next to Las Vegas. After going back […]
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