• Information about Oze (尾瀬)
    Information about Oze (尾瀬)
    Following the 3 days traverse hike from Oze (尾瀬) to Okukinunuma (奥鬼怒沼), you will find in this article all the useful information (mountain lodges, access security…) to hike in the Oze (尾瀬) area. General facts Oze is a large marshland of about 8km2 inside the Oze national park (尾瀬国立公園) which spreads at the border of […]
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  • Rōkokudō (瀧谷洞) cave traverse
    Rōkokudō (瀧谷洞) cave traverse
    Last week-end, I finally had the opportunity to join my caving club for the week-end ; the objective was to go back to Rōkokudō (瀧谷洞) in Chichibu (秩父) in the Saitama prefecture (埼玉県), to change a ladder, and for me to cross the cave from one entrance to the other that we gave up a […]
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  • Hike from Oze (尾瀬) to Okukinunuma (奥鬼怒沼)
    Hike from Oze (尾瀬) to Okukinunuma (奥鬼怒沼)
    For the first 3 days week-end of the summer, the forecast had, without surprise, predicted lots of rain for what should mark the end of the rainy season. No need to go hiking on some summits in the Japan Alps and endure bad weather for 3 days without being able to see anything. But ideas […]
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