You have noticed already but I completely changed the design of my website. It was a lot of work witch took me several month.Here’s what you have missed during that period:

  • Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎) Isaribi (漁り火) rock
    Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎) Isaribi (漁り火) rock
    Back to Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎) this week-end to train crack and trad climbing, I wanted to try a new area and we decided to head to Isaribi rock (漁り火ロック) where there are easy cracks from beginners to intermediate level for all of us to train. With about 10 short (about 12 meters) routes, Isaribi rock is […]
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  • photography week-end at Kusatsu-Shiranesan (草津白根山)
    photography week-end at Kusatsu-Shiranesan (草津白根山)
    Like every winter now, I went to spend a week-end at Yoshigadaira mountain lodge (芳ヶ平ヒュッテ) near Kusatsu-Shiranesan (草津白根山) volcano. This year I went with photographers friends with the idea to take the time to take pictures for them and videos for me. The weather was really good so I had decided to start from Yokoteyama […]
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  • Shigakōgen (志賀高原) snowshoe traverse
    Shigakōgen (志賀高原) snowshoe traverse
    Two years after snowshoeing to Shijūhachiike (四十八池), I was back to Shigakōgen (志賀高原) to realize a project I had thought of at that time: a three years snowshoe traverse from Yokoteyama (横手山スキー場) to Terakoya (寺子屋スキー場) ski resort : Yokoteyama ~ Akaishiyama (赤石山) ~ Terakoyamine (寺小屋峰). A large depression was passing Saturday and Sunday East of […]
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