• Kōfu-Makuiwa (甲府幕岩)
    Kōfu-Makuiwa (甲府幕岩)
    Several people had recommended me to go climbing at Kōfu-Makuiwa (甲府幕岩) crag in multiple occasions but never had a chance to go there until last week-end. Lost in the mountain, the crag is quiet and nice, especially at this time of the year. The forest had turned completely yellow and despite the cold and that […]
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  • Mizugakiyama (瑞牆山)
    Mizugakiyama (瑞牆山)
    Mizugakiyama (瑞牆山) is a major trad climbing and bouldering place in Japan, located on the other side of Kinpusan (金峰山) from Ogawayama (小川山). So far I had always avoided it due to its reputation of being a very bold climbing area. Back from two weeks of trad climbing in the US, I decided to give […]
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  • Kitakawa (北川)
    Kitakawa (北川)
    Yesterday I went with my mountaineering club to go climbing for the first time at Kitakawa (北川) crag, North of Tōkyō in the Saitama prefecture. Like many climbing crags in the area, it is not very large and there less than 20 routes. But I was surprised by the quality of th erock and the […]
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