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With a month vacation planned in the US, my plan was to try to get it all: crack & trad climbing, bouldering, ice and mix climbing. So after two weeks rock climbing with friends in the desert of Joshua Tree, I went back on my own to Ouray, Colorado.

3 years ago when I came here, I mostly came for learning proper ice climbing technique in the park ; this time I wanted to both make use of the park to refresh my skills and discover more all the back country.

Being alone and the season being pretty warm made it a bit difficult but I still had a great time both in and out the park.

In two weeks I did:

A bit of ice climbing in the ice park

Oray Ice Park - climbers in South parkOuray Ice Park - climbers in the lead only areaOuray Ice Park lead only area - climbing Grandma Glass Pony ShopOuray Ice Park lead only area - climbing Le Pissoir - 1Ouray Ice Park lead only area - climbing Le Pissoir - 2Free solo lap on easy ice climb in Ouray Ice Park

Ice and mix climb at Camp Bird Road. The Killar Pillar route being for sure the highlight.

Early morning on Camp Bird RoadLooking up while climbing the Skylight chimeneyLooking down while climbing the Skylight chimeneyExiting Skilight on Camp Bird RoadClimbing the killer Pillar on Camp Bird Road - 1Climbing the killer Pillar on Camp Bird Road - 2Exhausted after seconding the Killer PillarClimber on Choppos chimeney

Climb Cascade Fall just above Ouray. A very nice climb.

Gearing up for Cascade FallsClimbing Cascade Falls - 1Climbing Cascade Falls - 2Climbing Cascade Falls - 3Climbing Cascade Falls - 4Climbing Cascade Falls - 5

Ice climb Gravity Rainbow near Silverton. For sure another highlight of the trip.

Snowshoeing to Gravity RainbowRapelling down Gravity RainbowClimbing Gravity Rainbow - 1Climbing Gravity Rainbow - 2Climbing Gravity Rainbow - 3Climbing Gravity Rainbow - 4Climbing Gravity Rainbow - 5Climbing Gravity Rainbow - 6

Snowshoe around on climbing “rest days” to enjoy the wilderness and scenery.

Overview of Ouray from the EastHiking up to Twin Peaks above OurayAbove the Ouray Ice ParkOverview of Ouray from the WestPanorama of the San Juan mountains - 1Panorama of the San Juan mountains - 2Overview of Ouray while hiking to Twin Peaks

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