Matthieu Lienart

French mountain leader with snowshoe qualification, member of the UIMLA, the union of international mountain leaders, certified wilderness first responder, I am qualified to guide you, trekking, hiking or snowshoeing, in all the mountains of the world.

I spend more than 6 years in Japan until the end of 2006. During this period I followed an intensive Japanese course for a year and a half and worked after that for a Japanese trekking company as a tour leader, leading tours in both Japan and France. I went back to France to follow a training course in order to get a professional and official license. I am back again in Japan since the beginning of 2010.

Being the only certified western mountain leader and member of the international association, living in Japan, I invite you to benefit from my proficiency in Japanese and English, my knowledge of Japan, as well as my personal and professional hiking experience in Japan to discover this country’s culture while enjoying the wilderness and stunning views that its mountains offer. During a snowshoeing week-end or a hiking it will be my pleasure to help you discover Japan in a different way.

Interested? please contact me.

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