The author accept no responsibility for any loss, inconvenience, injury or death sustained by anyone using information written on this blog. It is your responsibility to get trained by a professional, get all the information concerning mountain conditions, weather forecast and use all the techniques to ensure your and your partners safety. You are solely responsible of your destiny and of choices you make based on your own capacities and risks inherent to mountain environment.

Be aware that the routes described in some of the posts of this blog are outside of classical hiking scope. There’s sometimes no trail, sometimes the route goes along narrow ridges of unstable rocks, straight down rocky slopes… These hikes are as such dangerous and a rope might be necessary. On such itinerary, being able to read a map and use a compass is also mandatory. Moreover, even if GPX files used by GPS navigation systems are available on this web site, neither the accuracy nor the safety of the itinerary they contain are guaranteed. The usage of these files as well as your itinerary choices are your sole responsibility.

Snowshoe routes might well be exposed to avalanches. Check the avalanche risk report publish by ski resorts and get information from professionals. All members of your party should be equipped with a beacon, a shovel and a probe and trained on how to use them. These devices do not prevent avalanches! They are used to rescue your partners caught by an avalanche. So even if you are equipped and trained, it is your responsibility, to evaluate on the field the ever changing snow conditions, the avalanche danger, which is the safest route and if it is wiser or not to go back and cancel your outing.

Finally, mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing and caving outings described here require special competencies and equipment which are not detailed.

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