From desert to Ice

With a month vacation planned in the US, my plan was to try to get it all: crack & trad climbing, bouldering, ice and mix climbing. So after two weeks rock climbing with friends in the desert of [...]

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree ... another legendary US climbing area with its own specific culture where I had dreamed of going climbing for years. As always, in the desert the landscapes are exceptional and [...]

Pokemon fall

Me trying a new route Pokemon Hook 5.12b (7b) that I bolted at the new crag Cocinelle Rock that I am developping for more than a year now in Japan near Mizugaki (瑞牆) et Kinpuzan (金峰山).

Have A Sit And Relax

My friend Ken-ichi AOSHIMA (賢一 青島) made the first ascent of the route Have A Sit And Relax, probably 5.12a, at the new crag I am bolting near Mizugaki in Japan. This was the last unclimbed route [...]


Going climbing in Squamish was an old project. On of the temple of granite crack climbing and one of North America historical climbing area ; a mandatory pilgrimage, no? With a friend from [...]