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Ice climbing at Christmas runze

Just before Christmas I went ice climbing. Where? At Christmas runze (クリスマスルンゼ, litteraly: the Christmas gully) South of the Yatsugatake range. A pure coincidence. As we left Tōkyō the night before by car and slept on the way on a parking, we were quite early at the end of the forest road. Hopefully we got […]

Nabekurayama (鍋倉山)

I had been looking for a while to go snowshoeing to Nabekura-kōgen (鍋倉高原) and last week as I was looking for an appropriate place for snowshoeing over the week-end and spend the night in a snow cave so I decided to go. Renowned for its amount of snow, for snowshoeing and back-country skiing and due […]

Kaikomagatake, 2 times but not 3

After two failed attempts to climb Kaikomagatake (甲斐駒ケ岳) by the Kuroto ridge (黒戸尾根) in winter, I was back last Friday evening at Chikū-Komagatake temples (竹宇駒ケ岳神社) parking for a new attempt, decided to succeed this time and to break the “what happens twice happens three times” superstition. With good snowfall for the early season, fresh snow […]


Wow ! We have to climb that wall ? That was my first reaction when we arrived at the top of Maehotaka (前武尊) and discovered Kawaba-Kengamine (川場剣ヶ峰) summit, the first and “most technical” summit we had to climb in our plan to traverse Jōshu-Hotakayama (上州武尊山). Not very difficult, I was not expecting that and was […]

Snowshoeing to Kusatsu-Shiranesan (草津白根山)

This week-end I was organizing a snowshoeing for friends to the summit of Kusatsu-Shiranesan (草津白根山) volcano. I was planning to take to ropeway to avoid the uphill on Saturday and spend more time to enjoy the landscapes on top of the various summits. But when we arrived at Kusatsu bus terminal we learned that the […]

Kita-Yokodake (北横岳) – Futagoyama (双子山)

As the project to do the Zaō (蔵王) traverse in winter has been postponed again for weather forecast reasons, I made do with another old project : do the Tateshinayama (蓼科山) summit, at the extreme North of the Yatsugatake (八ヶ岳) range, by a non classic itinerary ; the traverse on two days from Piratasu (ピラタス) […]
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