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This site covers a wide range of mountain related activities including hiking, trekking, snowshoeing, free climbing, alpine climbing, mountaineering and more recently caving too. In addition to trip reports trip reports, I also try to publish as many topos as possible on Japanese mountains. In it you will find:

  • general (geography, history…) information about the area,
  • ski resorts and mountain lodge location, information and contact,
  • access from Tokyo with links to train and bus schedules,
  • maps references,
  • security information and rescue contact,
  • sinks to my trips reports with downloadable GPS trace,
  • links to webcams,
  • etc
The objective is not to give you ready-made topo indicating where to start and end your hike, where to turn left and right, which route to follow, where to look at the view… I believe that to look at a map, to choose or even sometimes to invent, in any case, to imagine your own itinerary and then to realize what you planned is part of the fun of any outdoor adventure. I just hope the information on this site will help you to plan your own trips and enjoy Japanese mountains like I do.


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Title Category Address Description
Umekobasawa (ウメコバ沢) Ice climbing 36.693676, 139.387945 Umekobasawa (ウメコバ沢) ice climbing gully in Matsukisawa (松木沢)
Tennō-iwa (天王岩) Rock climbing 35.737317, 139.187871 Tennō-iwa (天王岩) rock climbing crag
Takatoriyama (鷹取山) Rock climbing 35.306405, 139.613758 Takatoriyama (鷹取山) rock climbing crag
Shōnin-iwa (聖人岩) Rock climbing 35.935306, 139.257506 Shōnin-iwa (聖人岩) rock climbing crag
Sea Side (シーサイド) 34.870416338030125, 139.10554486508772 Sea Side (シーサイド) rock climbing crag in Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎)
Ōyafudō (大谷不動) Ice climbing 36.564316, 138.378113 Ōyafudō (大谷不動) ice climbing information
Ōkubo-no-Kazaana (大久保の風穴) Caving 36.563974, 140.608552 Information about Ōkubo-no-Kazaana (大久保の風穴) cave
Ogawayama (小川山) Rock climbing 35.908869, 138.641589 Ogawayama (小川山) rock climbing area
Ōdōkaigan (大堂海岸) Rock climbing 32.782721, 132.666986 Ōdōkaigan (大堂海岸) crack climbing crag
Ocean rock (オーシャン) 34.87751285487748, 139.12790375943587 Ocean rock (オーシャン) rock climbing crag in Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎)
Nikkō Unryūkeikoku (雲竜渓谷) Ice climbing 36.801031, 139.559827 Nikkō Unryūkeikoku (雲竜渓谷) ice climbing and winter hiking information
Mizugakiyama (瑞牆山) Rock climbing 35.893299, 138.592095 Information about Mizugakiyama (瑞牆山) rock climbing crags
Minamisawa Ōtaki (南沢大滝) Ice climbing 35.976290, 138.344340 Minamisawa Ōtaki (南沢大滝) ice climb
Maku-Iwa (幕岩) Rock climbing 35.168185, 139.089678 Maku-Iwa (幕岩) rock climbing crag
Kurosawa gully (黒沢) Ice climbing 36.695249, 139.397578 Kurosawa gully (黒沢) ice climbing gully in Matsukisawa (松木沢)
Kuro-iwa (黒岩) Rock climbing 36.464782, 138.876584 Information about Kuro-iwa (黒岩) rock climbing crag
Kōtakuji rocks (広沢寺) Rock climbing 35.449698, 139.276569 Information about Kōtakuji rocks (広沢寺) rock climbing crag
Koizawa buttress (越沢バットレス) Rock climbing 35.804998, 139.134799 Koizawa buttress (越沢バットレス) rock climbing crag
Kōfu-Makuiwa (甲府幕岩) Rock climbing 35.825478, 138.541264 Kōfu-Makuiwa (甲府幕岩) rock climbing crag
Kōfu (甲府) Tachiokayama (太刀岡山) Rock climbing 35.772498, 138.536289 Kōfu (甲府) Tachiokayama (太刀岡山) rock climbing crag
Kobai (こばい) 34.871129039440845, 139.11207059023582 Kobai (こばい) rock climbing crag in Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎)
Kitakawa (北川) Rock climbing 35.938670, 139.195374 Kitakawa (北川) rock climbing crag
Kirizumi (霧積) Ice climbing 36.382077, 138.690464 Kirizumi (霧積) ice climbing information
Kawanori cave (川乗鍾乳洞) Caving 35.836688, 139.090964 Kawanori cave (川乗鍾乳洞) caving information
Kawamata (河又) Rock climbing 35.872611, 139.190985 Kawamata (河又) rock climbing crag
Kame-no-te (カメノテ) Rock climbing 34.907534, 139.138529 Kame-no-te (カメノテ) rock climbing crag in Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎)
Jōyama (城山) Rock climbing 35.004480, 138.930310 Information about Jōyama (城山)
Jorō-iwa (上臈岩 or 女郎岩) Rock climbing 35.019121, 137.637267 Information about Hōrai (鳳来)'s Jorō-iwa (上臈岩 or 女郎岩) rock climbing routes
Jōgosawa (ジョウゴ沢) Ice climbing 35.991367, 138.366205 Jōgosawa (ジョウゴ沢) ice climbing gully information
Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎) Rock climbing 34.871375, 139.109071 Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎) rock climbing area
Isaribi (漁り火) Rock climbing 34.906428, 139.137740 Isaribi (漁り火) rock climbing crag at Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎)
Inugoroshi-no-taki (犬殺しの滝) 36.210603, 138.643528 Inugoroshi-no-taki (犬殺しの滝) ice climbing information
Hōrai (鳳来) area Rock climbing 35.026177, 137.654503 Information about Hōrai (鳳来) rock climbing crags
Hiwadayama (日和田山) Rock climbing 35.8907160, 139.3037610 Hiwadayama (日和田山) rock climbing crag
Futagoyama (二子山) Rock climbing 36.069090, 138.864317 information about Futagoyama (二子山) rock climbing crag
Family Crack (ファミリー・クラック) 34.870904578707986, 139.10726407168113 Family Crack (ファミリー・クラック) rock climbing crag in Jōgasaki (城ヶ崎)
Aoba (青葉) Rock climbing 37.024773, 140.836165 Aoba (青葉) rock climbing crag
Aizawa Okuheki (相沢奥壁) 36.217162, 138.639614 Okuheki (奥壁) ice fall in Aizawa (相沢) valley ice climbing information